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Josh Allen made some weird NFL history by sacking Josh Allen

It might take a while before Josh Allen’s odd NFL record is matched.

We’re talking about Allen, the Jacksonville Jaguars defensive end. A distinction must be made, because his unique feat included Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen.

In the second quarter Allen of the Jaguars got a pass rush and sacked Allen of the Bills from behind. CBS pointed out on the broadcast, that’s the first time in NFL history a player has sacked a quarterback of the same name.

Unless there’s some high-school pass rusher named Justin Herbert or Trevor Lawrence who will come along soon, the Josh Allen-on-Josh Allen sack will probably stand alone for a long time.

Later, Allen got the best of Allen again. Quarterback Allen was under pressure and threw wildly, and defender Allen was back in coverage and picked him off.

Allen also recovered a fumble by Allen the quarterback in the fourth quarter to complete the trifecta.

Oddly enough, both Josh Allens were the No. 7 overall pick. Jaguars’ Allen was the seventh pick of the 2019 draft. A year before, Buffalo took Allen with the seventh pick. Buffalo’s Allen has become a star, an MVP candidate last season and again this season. He has eclipsed the fame of Jacksonville’s Allen, though that Allen has become a pretty good player himself.

The two are bonded by name, draft position and now a sack in Sunday’s game that won’t be duplicated for a long time.

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